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Smell-A-Like: Victoria's Secret - Amber Romance

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Helene (2 Apr 2018)

Coty's Cherry Vanilla is discontinued but can be found on Ebay at huge prices. There is a duplicate recommended to me by a Perfumer. It's Victoria Secret's Amber Romance. While Amber Romance has a nice, similar scent it lacks the strong cherry fragrance that was a top note in Coty's Cherry Vanilla Perfume. Amber Romance is also short lasting in their Fragrance Mist Spray. I've posted this fragrance in hopes that others might have found a duplicate. I read on another site that Exclamation by Coty smells like VS Amber Romance. I haven't tried Exclamation yet. If you were a big fan of Coty's Cherry Vanilla, I hope you'll use caution when buying it online and not buy from a seller that doesn't take returns. I purchased one recently on Ebay and the scent was very faint and there was no cherry fragrance at all. A chemist noted in an article in Allure Magazine that scents can fade after 18-24mos. Coty's Cherry Vanilla has been out of production for a number of years.

Helene (1 Apr 2018)

I'm primarily posting to see if anyone else has a duplicate to Coty's Cherry Vanilla. I haven't found one so far but have sought a Perfumer who is making one now. VS Amber Romance was given to me as a recommendation from another Perfumer. While it's a nice scent, it's not lasting and it doesn't have the strong cherry fragrance of Coty's Cherry Vanilla. Ebay often carries old product of City's Cherry Vanilla at huge prices. Don't be fooled. I purchased one and it had lost it's scent, which can happen with a perfume after 18-24mos. A chemist said that in an article in Allure Magazine. I now stay away from old discounted perfumes because they truly can loose their scent. The one I bought from Ebay had no scent of cherry at all and the fragrance was real faint in the product. Don't be fooled. Also, there may be some fakes out there.

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