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Yardley London

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Yardley London - Citrus and Wood

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(Smells like Hermes - Terre D'Hermes)

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Jaruk (3 Sep 2017)

Agree with Anonymous. 80% match. Cross checked at Paris airport recently with my Yardley to TDH. Only weakness with Yardley is that it is not as strong as TDH. Thumbus up!

Anonymous (19 May 2017)

Smell of Citrus Woods is 80% match to TDH but it is not as strong. I am using the Yardley product currently.

Anonymous (17 Nov 2014)

Very, very close to Terre d'Hermes. Not as strong but almost as long lasting. Highly recommended. Well done Yardley. Deserves to be far more popular than it is.

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