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Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson - Fancy Nights

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(Smells like Prada - Amber)

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Helene (6 Apr 2018)

This perfume is DREADFUL! I purchsed it without testing because I had read here that it was a duplicate for Black Orchid. Horrible product. Smells very cheap and the only scent I could smell was an overpowering patchouli that never went away. I smelled nothing else at all later. I tried to layer it with a nice one I have but no go. Patchouli was still the only think I smelled. I cannot recommend this at all. I was embarrassed to wear it out today. It's really awful in my opinion. You'll hear the same on Amazon and Ebay.

Wendy73 (8 Aug 2017)

Klopt helemaal... echt een look a like .. love it♡

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