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Dunhill - Dunhill Edition


Our users think that the fragrances below smell like Dunhill - Dunhill Edition

A smell-a-like is a perfume that smells like a designer fragrance but with a different name and packaging, and at a cheaper price. A smell-a-like isn't an exact copy, but often smells very similar.

Milton Lloyd - Henley

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Anonymous (8 Jan 2014)

My other half loved Dunhill Edition but now that its discontinued (for the moment according to manufacturers) the only means of getting it was items on auction sites which were either fake or something someone got as a xmas so long ago it was off.....then I found this (Henley), now I was sceptical but for £4 it was worth a shot. My other half is extremely fussy about scents but he says this is absolutely spot on and he loves it so much he's asked for another bottle for valentines (I got the original for xmas for him). Does the scent last? Yes, I can still smell it right at the end of the day. Milton Lloyd have got this one spot on you won't be disappointed!