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Ghost - Ghost


Our users think that the fragrances below smell like Ghost - Ghost

A smell-a-like is a perfume that smells like a designer fragrance but with a different name and packaging, and at a cheaper price. A smell-a-like isn't an exact copy, but often smells very similar.

Milton Lloyd - Spirit of Shadow

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Anonymous (19 Aug 2018)

This one is excellent. No difference what so ever from the real thing.

smells a bit like (27 May 2015)

Smells a bit like one of the ghost fragrances. Nice anyway.

amy (21 Oct 2014)

smells just like Ghost, i get compliments all the time wearing this-its lovely, though i find i have to re-spray a few times a day though this just possibly is me!

Anonymous (2 Feb 2014)

Smells just like ghost. As with all Milton Lloyd fragrances, thy are very potent so you do not need to over-spray them.

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