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Lacoste - Red


Our users think that the fragrances below smell like Lacoste - Red

A smell-a-like is a perfume that smells like a designer fragrance but with a different name and packaging, and at a cheaper price. A smell-a-like isn't an exact copy, but often smells very similar.

Milton Lloyd - Popcorn Boys

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harleyak (10 Jan 2018)

had to try this and very glad i did pukka scent and worth trying, excellent.......

Anonymous (22 Nov 2017)

It is nothing like Lacoste Red..

Anonymous (3 Aug 2016)

Carly Beatz (7 Jul 2016)

Lacoste Red has always been my favourite cologne. This match is pretty bang on, and lasts for hours. Very happy with Milton lloyd - customer for life right here.
Don't let the big brands rip you off.

Robie (19 Jun 2014)

I love Lacoste - Red.

I tried this and found it OK. Not sure it matches the original exactly but it is OK nothing special.

For about £4 it may be worth a shot.

La Femme - Castle

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Anonymous (31 May 2017)

It has vague similarities to Lacoste Red but isn't a very close replica. Also it's incredibly weak, even when using excessive amounts the smell is not very strong and barely lasts an hour. It's a shame because the scent that is there, while weak, is rather pleasant.

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